Steven Gerrard was scared at 4-0 and left Anfield early because of it

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Millions of fans the world over were watching the Barcelona v Liverpool semi-final on their television sets. Few were lucky enough to be present at Anfield to witness Liverpool’s historic win.

Steven Gerrard, by virtue of being Liverpool’s legend and hero of the last Champions League triumph was one such lucky bloke. He had a fine view of the game and even with Liverpool playing extraordinarily well, he left early.

Now you understand Arsenal fans leaving in a Wenger game, where their team conceded 4 goals or more. You do not understand leaving the ground in a game your team eventually goes on to win by 4-0. But you and I are not Steven Gerrard.

Liverpool's Steven Gerrard left Liverpool's semi-final early
Liverpool Legend was scared of staying on at 4-0

Steven Gerrard left the pitch early on and has now stated his reason for doing so:

“My nerves the other night at Anfield were difficult to control,”

“I had to leave before the end once it was 4-0. I had my seven-year-old daughter with me and I used that as an excuse to go, saying she had school the next day.

“But really it was more about my nerves – God knows what the players were going through. I don’t think I’d have been able to cope with seeing either Coutinho, Suarez or Messi break my heart.”
-Steven Gerrard via The Mirror

Okay Stevee G, we know you’ve seen some rough days at Anfield, but we are soon to be European Champions. So you’ll never walk alone away.


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