Manchester City are in a two horse race with Liverpool for the league title. While Klopp has focused more on his own task and team, Guardiola has decided to talk up Liverpool.

Liverpool have only lost to Manchester City in the league this season, raking up 24 wins so far. Manchester City are obviously cautious and respect the Liverpool team.

In his last interview to Sky, Guardiola touches up on what he thinks is giving Liverpool the strength to keep pushing for the title. He thinks that last season, the Reds had a few minor problems but they have now been sorted.

“Liverpool are one of the strongest teams I have faced.

“They have everything. They have good tactics, they have great defensive strength, they have very good high pressing and they have a very good counter-attack.”

“They had some problems with their positional play before, but that has improved a lot too. Liverpool have everything. That’s why it’s so close.”

– Guardiola in interview to Sky


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