Tottenham fans disappointed with Dele Alli for his coronavirus remark

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Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Dele Alli posted something about coronavirus outbreak via his social media account this week which certainly did not go well with man fans, critics and the FA alike, and unfortunate it might be, the England international now probably going to be banned for a few games by the FA.

When a Tottenham fan blog relayed this information to the Spurs fans, Many fans immediately reacted to it by saying the punishment was fully deserved. The fans argued that not only Alli made what was considered to be an insensitive joke about the deadly virus, but his post also made assumptions about an Asian man based on his race.

Here are a few reactions.

It is highly likely that Alli, who is valued at £81 million (Transfermarkt), did not have ant malicious intents while posting and was probably just having some “dark” fun, it was a silly mistake nonetheless. What has been done can’t be undone now.

Dele Alli will have to understand that he is a public figure now and hopefully, he will be more careful while posting content to social media in the future.


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