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United legend Gary Neville explains what to do with Paul Pogba

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Manchester United legend Gary Neville has revealed that we don’t need to fight to keep Paul Pogba or any other player who doesn’t want to stay here.

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Paul Pogba caused a massive controversy last week when he revealed that he would be interested in a ‘new challenge elsewhere’ in this summer transfer window.

Romelu Lukaku has already talked about his ‘dream’ to play in the Serie A with the best in the world CM Punk Antonio Conte, while David de Gea is yet to sign a new contract.

However, Gary Neville specifically talks about Paul Pogba and has revealed that the Frenchman should be let go if he’s not 100% committed to the cause at Manchester United:

“They don’t have to keep any player.

“Manchester United are a better team when Paul Pogba plays but if players don’t want to be at the club – that doesn’t mean Pogba, he may want to be at the club – you have to get everybody onside and aligned with where you’re going.

“Ultimately, that’s the first thing Ole had to do – to work out who was going to be ready for the club moving forward.

“I’m still unsure on many players. I see the speculation on Sky Sports News and online and it looks like it could be moving all the time.

Duncan Castles says he expects Paul Pogba to leave Manchester United this summer but he wouldn't bet on it
Duncan Castles says he expects Paul Pogba to leave Manchester United this summer but he wouldn’t bet on it

Gary Neville also warned Ed Woodward and the Manchester United board to sign a replacement before they sell any big player or else we will have to overpay for the eventual signings:

“You’ve got to get players in before you let them go because being armed with the money makes you vulnerable.

“For United, it’s all about timing and manipulating and manoeuvring to a point where they know they’re going to get players in before letting some go.

“Otherwise they’ll become very easy to target in terms of people bumping the money up, which I’m sure they are already.”

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