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What Jurgen Klopp said to Lingard’s miss and United’s loss against City

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Losing 2-0 to Manchester City is not the best of results as a Manchester United fan, however, if there’s one flipside to this loss, it’s the fact that Liverpool have been screwed in the title race.

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has taken every opportunity he can to troll or roast us and that’s what he did yet again in the press conference before Burnley:

‘If anybody really thought that United, in the moment, are capable of hurting City – City are just too good for that.’

‘I watched the game in front of the television and I was not a little bit nervous,’ he added. ‘I was not like, “Oh my God, why did he do this? Lingard!”

‘I don’t like watching these games because we have nothing to do with them. I like to have the ­information but that’s all.

Having been in our shadows for so long, Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp are trying to take every opportunity they can to make fun of us, but guess what, they still haven’t won anything yet and hopefully, that will still remain the case by the end of this season.


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