Why don’t we stream Championship football as well?

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Why don’t we stream Championship football as well? This is a question we get asked frequently.

It’s not that we don’t want to show Championship football live. It’s just that we aren’t sure how many of you will actually be watching, and which clubs we should focus to start with.

We don’t want to start streaming with all Championship games only to find out that only a few of them are being watched. Streaming costs money. So we need your help to figure out which clubs should we start with.

If you are a Championship football enthusiast, please fill up this short questionnaire below with just one question so that we can know where to start.

We would like to inform that if we get very few overall responses, we might stream the games only on the Premium app. But say we get massive overall submissions, we will stream the games on the free app as well.



Sheetanshu is a computer science engineer, an MBA and an ardent soccer fan. He founded Limit Infinity back in 2015 with a group of few friends and has played a significant role in establishing soccer fan communities around the world. You can write to him at sheetanshu@limitinfinity.org or connect with him using his LinkedIn profile.

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