Why Potato Streams Premium is Better Than the Free App (For You & For Us)

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Lot of users have been comparing the free and the paid app lately, so let me give you the most important reason why you must switch to the premium app. Free app means that we depend on advertisements to fund the operations.

In addition to the fact that the advertisements spoil the whole user experience, advertisers don’t pay upfront, they have a 51 days policy, which means after you have watched or clicked on the advertisements, we get paid for that after days (in case of Google adsense, which we use). How does that matter? Because the payment cycles are so long, and new users keep joining the app, we keep running out of funds. Also, the money that we make for advertisement is barely enough for survival. Cost of operating the free app is very high (trust me on that) and we are somehow managing to keep the free app alive. Sooner or later, we will be forced to show lesser games on the free version because we need to pay the bills as well.

Whereas in case of the premium app, you pay upfront, which means we get the money before you see the game. So we always he the cashflow and resources to keep improving the stream. I know there have been some glitches and teething problems here and there, but we keep going because we have the resources. To add to it, you get fantastic user experience, support, and number of live games that we are showing will also gradually increase. For 2 quids a month, I don’t think it’s a huge burden on your pocket either given the benefits.

So support us, support yourselves, and please subscribe to Potato Streams Premium app. It now comes with a 7 days free trial, which is enough time for you to evaluate the app even before you pay a single penny.

To subscribe please visit this link: Know how to get the premium app by clicking this link: https://freefootballgames.video.blog/2019/08/31/watch-football-live-on-potato-streams-premium/amp

After the trial period ends, Potato Streams premium will cost you just £2 per month if you choose a monthly subscription, £5 if you choose for a quarterly subscription, and £16 if you choose an annual subscription. More than 2000 fans are already using Premium app to enjoy the game ad-free in HD. It is also available on firestick as well as Android boxes.

Premium is very cheap and it also works on firestick and android box.

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