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Ed Woodward explains Manchester United transfer strategy

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Ed Woodward, chief executive of Manchester United, has explained on Sunday that Man United have altered their transfer strategy. The club no more wants to waste time on players who only get in touch because they want a new contract from their parent club.

He has also emphasized that the Old Trafford outlet seldom talks to more than nine transfer target per season.

“It hit a peak five seasons ago with 250 players,” Woodward told United We Stand.

“It was 177 two seasons ago. It’s around 200 every year.

“We’re usually after three players, so we might be talking to nine in reality.

“What you are referring to in the original question does happen, but it’s less likely to happen give our closed-door approach to recruitment targets.

“But it does exist and we have to be wary of that [players using the club].

“Sometimes, the amount of time a player or his agent invests into discussions, meetings and contracts shows that there is an interest.

“If it was only a flippant interest then they could go and put a fake story then go to a club president and go say ‘Look at who is in for me.’ That happens all the time as well.

“What sometimes also happens is that we do have a player in an agreed position, but his club refuse to sell and, because the club refuse to sell, the player then uses that to get a new contract.

“From our perspective, we have to try and see through it and make sure that the club is not being used.

“We don’t waste time, we’re more robust.”

Manchester United are expected to buy a flurry of players in the next summer transfer window.


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